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Tecnosky 152/1200 F8 FPL-51 Triplet APO - 3.7" Focuser - AVAILABLE!

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The new Tecnosky 152/1216 offers exceptional value by using the proven triplet format and combining it with FPL-51 Glass and Lanthanum coated elements. Thanks to these low / high-dispersion glasses, the color correction is excellent even on very bright objects.

The 152 also boasts a new, thermally stable cell and a lighter and more compact tube. Total weight is only 14kg. The tube internals are perfectly matted and feature knife edge baffles to eliminate reflections. At the end of the tube there is a 3.7" focuser which offers a maximum capacity of 7kg. The focuser can rotate with respect to the tube but it also has a second rotator at the focuser end and 3 different threads for correctors and other accessories. (M100x1, M92x1, M68x1 and M63x1). Unscrewing the extension between the tube and the focuser also allows large binoviewers to be used without the need for glass path correctors. Also featured on the focuser are self-centering 1.25" and 2" eyepiece clamps. The 2" features a twist lock system for rapid swapping of accessories.

The telescope is compatible with various correctors. For pure correction either the 2.5" Flattener or the APM-Riccardi Model 2 can be used. For reduction, combined with removal of the extension tube, we recommend the APM-Riccardi M63 or M82 Reducers. Together with motor focus kits from either Lunatico or Optec, this 152 is an excellent value imaging telescope.

A 152mm Apochromatic Refractor has always been desired by every amateur astronomer: Amazing views of the Moon, planets, double stars and deep sky objects. The Tecnosky 152/1216 is also great for Astrophotography offering high resolution and relatively wide fields of view, especially when used with a reducer. In short it is a great all round telescope which until now has attracted a premium price.

Included with the telescope is a finder base, CNC rings, a Losmandy mounting plate and a top mounted Vixen/GP type that may be used for accessories.

Technical characteristics:

Apochromatic Lanthanum Triplet / FPL-51 152/1216
F8 Focal Ratio
Retractable lens hood
3.7" Rack and Pinion focuser with 1:10 micro focusing
Weight 14kg

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