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Optec DirectSync APO Motor Kit for APM and Tecnosky 2.5" Focusers

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The Optec DirectSync APO system is an aftermarket add-on for the 2.5" and 3.7" R&P Focusers used on several APM and Tecnosky telescopes. It is also compatible with several Altair, TS and other branded telescopes. Please contact us to enquire if your focuser is compatible. The kit includes the DirectSync APO digital motor with built-in temperature sensor. The DirectSync APO motor provides a direct drive motor that can be easily disengaged for manual focusing. It is mounted onto the coase focuser dial leaving the fine focus dial available for manual use. 

The Optec DirectSync APO package was designed especially for the 2.5" and 3.7" R&P focusers manufactuer by United Optics. It features a direct gearing system that leaves the planetary reduction assembly and unique tensioning system intact, DirectSync APO can achieve greater positional repeatability and carry imaging camera packages in excess of 5 kg (11-lbs).

To operate the Directsync SV a focus controller is required. This is either the Optec Focuslynx or a suitable alternative controller such as that found in the Pegasus Astro Ultimate Power Box v2

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