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APM 120mm Super ED (FPL53) APO Binoculars 90 Degree

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A 90° version of APM's 120mm ED-APO Binocular offers an alternative viewing angle for observing use. In all other respects this version is identical to the 45° version.

The 120mm optics have excellent spherical correction and the rear element of the doublet lens cell makes use of OHARA FPL-53 SD Glass.  As you would expect from APM, the color correction, contrast and transmission are outstanding. Each pair of binoculars are subject to bench alignment to a minimum 100x magnification. Before shipping to a customer we visually test each pair and supply them with a QC report.

Only APM optical bench align each pair to 100x magnification to ensure the perform at their very best. This is an important factor to consider when choosing binoculars capable of higher magnifications. Factory alignment can be very approximate and inconsistant. APM and ourselves have learnt this! Therefore we hand align each pair of binoculars to ensure that our customers get the most out of their purchase. In addition to the standard 2 year warranty we also offer an additional 3 year mechanical warranty in the UK once the purchase is registered on the website.

Supplied with the binoculars are a pair of excellent 18mm 65° (36.6x magnification) eyepieces so you can start observing immediately. The focal position was chosen so that 1.25" Tele Vue Delos, DeLite, Nagler, Panoptic, and Docter eyepieces can all be focused. The Binoculars are also compatible with our other binocular eyepieces.

Other features of the 120mm APO Binoculars include integrated sliding dew shields with front cover plate, carrying handle with sighting device and a tripod adapter with combined 1/4" and 3/8" thread. They are also magnisium bodied so that despite their reasonable physical size, they are not excessively heavy.

The 1.25" eyepiece clamps are self-centering mounted to independent helical focusers with an interpupillary adjuster to ensure the eyepieces are spaced correctly for your particualr eyes.

As an optional extra, a metal bodied red dot finder is available which is designed to fit on the carrying handle.






Double Element Air Spaced Super ED Apochromat (FFPL-53)




1.25" Helical, Self Centering Clamps

Dew Shields

Integrated, Extendable


3/8" Tripod with 1/4" Adaption


1.25" Types, 2 x 18mm Supplied.



Width (main body)





19.8lbs / 9kg



Focal Length


Focal Ratio


Objective AOV

2.4 Degrees

Interpupillary Distance





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