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Berlebach UNI 18 K70 Geared Column / Spreader / Natural

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The UNI 18 tripod with K70 geared column allows easy height adjustment for loads up to 50 kg. Thanks to the geared column (Ø 70mm), large binoculars and mounts can have their height easily and safely adjusted by up to 35cm.

The columns crank handle can be removed for transport. The crank handle can be removed from the gearbox with a slight pressure of the thumb on the central cover cap. No tools are needed.

The UNI 18 tripod, characterized by large wooden cross-sections and innovative clamping elements, has a high load-bearing capacity and very good stability. Its wooden construction provides excellent damping. The 105mm wide tripod leg connection ensures outstanding torsional rigidity.

The spread angle of the legs is 24° using the standard metal spreader.
As standard the UNI 18 with K70 geared column is supplied with a a spreader bar and accessory tray. The head provides a 3/8" screw fixing. Optionally, the following other heads are available;
Thread Connection M10 X 14mm  
for Vixen GP  
for Vixen SPHINX  
for Skywatcher EQ 5  
for Skywatcher EQ 6  
for iOptron CEM25  
for Vixen Advanced Polaris  
for Vixen BT-126  
for 10 Micron GM 1000 HPS  
If you wish to use the tripod with more than one of the above heads, there is an optional quick release system available.
​Natural finish (as shown above) is the standard finish. Other finishes are optional at extra cost.
Colour options are as follows:
120_gross Natural
121_gross Nutwood Brown
122_gross Titanium Grey
124_gross Black
Please contact us for details of pricing for alternative heads, quick release and colours.
The UNI 18 / K70 we have in stock features an EQ6 Head. This can be replaced with alternatives.
In addition to the standard model, a version of the K70 is available with a quick release head. Please contact us for details about this and pricing.
Normally orders for the UNI 18 / K70 will be placed on demand due to the colour and mount options. Normal delivery is 7-10 days.
Load Capacity 50kg
Vibration Damping Very Good
Max Height 175cm
Transport Length 98cm
Min Height 80cm
Weight 11kg


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