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Tecnosky 130mm F7 'OWL' Triplet APO 3.7" Focuser Min 0.95 Strehl / Test Report - AVAILABLE!

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Tecnosky's latest 130mm Apochromatic Refractor uses a combination of FPL-53 Super Low Dispersion Glass and Lanthanum coated elements to provide a very high degree of correction. The lens cell is also more thermally optimised to provide more consistant performance over a range of temperatures.

Each Tecnosky 130mm F7 'OWL' specification refractor is supplied with an Interferometer test and gauranteed to offer a strehl rating of at least 0.95.

The telescope tube features a matt black coating and is knife edge baffled to maximise contrast. The supplied 3.7" focuser has 1:10 micro focusing and a 7kg load capacity. It also features a stepped thread arrangement allowing connection of M100, M92, M82 and M68 accessories

The tube also features a removable extension. This permits use with larger reducers or large bino viewers without the need for glass path correctors.

Overall the Tecnosky 130 OWL offers excellent value and is ideal as both a visual and imaging telescope. Its optics and mechanics are very high quality which are gauranteed through certification.

As with all telescopes supplied by Astrograph, the Tecnosky 130 OWL is supplied to customers only after careful inspection and being fully aligned collimated

General Specifications


FPL-53 Triplet Apochromat



Focal Length


F Ratio


Tube Rings

CNC Alloy










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