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E-Eye Remote Telescope Hosting in Spain

For those looking to take the best possible images we offer Remote Telescope Hosting at the E-Eye facility in Spain. E-Eye (short for Entre Encinas y Estrellas) is a remote hosting facility like no other.

E-Eye is set in a rural area about 1hour 30 min NW of Seville. The site offers up to 270 clear nights per year and is 600mm above sea level. Unlike other remote hosting facilities, E-Eye does not attempt to squeeze as many telescopes into as small a place as possible, nor expose them all to the elements with a communal roof. Instead E-Eye really does provide you with your own private observatory with a floor space as large as 3m x 3m*! Your space then has your own independently controlled roof giving you complete freedom about when your system is exposed to the sky.

As part of the service provided by E-Eye, your roof control uses the Talon system we offer (see HERE). In the event of an unsafe weather situation, Talon will put your mount into the Park position and close the roof using its USB / Ascom interface.

If you decide to host at E-Eye, we will discuss the options open to you. First there is the size of telescope to consider as this will dictate the monthly cost and also the Pier needed. Piers can be provided either by E-Eye or us depending on the size and type you require. Normally we recommend the P200 Pier System which we supply at a subsidised rate for hosting customers. Next we will ask about the level of control you need. Although E-Eye provides clients with a weather station and all sky camera access, this cannot be used to act as a safety monitor to control your own roof. Therefore we offer clients a weather station package using the AAG Cloudwatcher System. This is autonomous and will provide a safety relay to shut your system down and close your roof in the event of bad weather.

For control of your system itself we can provide a detailed schematic which shows what needs to be connected where. This is primarly used for connection of equipment via a Lunatico Dragonfly Input Output controller. This device allows us to remotely turn power on / off and can respond automatically to events.

In addition to this specific Observatory Automation equipment, we also offer a full range of other components such as the PC, motorised focusers, dew control and motorised dew caps with built in flat fields. As a final touch to house all you equipment we offer a complete custom build service where all of your components can be housed in a 19" Rack. For details about our bespoke installation service, please see HERE. Naturally you can choose to install your system yourself and stay at the facility.

E-Eye as a facility is very special. Not only does it provide a unique remote hosting enviroment, it is also somewhere you can visit for a weekend or even longer outside of installing your equipment. The site has luxury accomodation, entertaining areas and even a swimming pool! For short astronomy related breaks there is also a class room onsite for hosting talks and workshops.


E-Eye Hosting includes your own observatory space and roof control. It also includes high speed internet and insurance for your system. Naturally service and support is first rate and 2 hours per month is included . Current costs for telescope hosting is as follows;


Up to 8" 315 Euro
>8" to 11" 341 Euro
>11" to 15" 368 Euro
>15" to 19" 425 Euro
>19" to 24" 525 Euro

All Prices are per month and exclude Spanish VAT @ 21%. The minimum hosting term is for 12 months

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