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System Design and Install

Astrograph has a background is System Installation. The disciplines were are experienced in covers;

Audio Visual, Networking, CCTV, Heating Control, Lighting Design and Control, Networking and IT, SMATV, Automated Control Systems, Programming and Custom Engineering

This expertise makes the task of designing, and if required, installing, an observatory control system, simple and straightforward.

For any project we first find out from you exactly what is required. We then provide a detailed quotation. If the system will be located overseas then we will also handle all shipping and insurance for your equipment.

Following this a wiring schematic and rack build diagram is produced. Normally we prefer to handle the build of any system ourselves. Therefore the system rack will be populated and tested inhouse first before shipping. This allows onsite installation to progress more quickly and greatly reduces the likelihood of problems being found onsite.

Installation is often overlooked by DIY'ers. If it is not carried out in a structured way, then faults can develop which are almost impossible to track down. If a third party is called in rectify the fault, it can take an excessive amount of time to discover the problem which costs more in labour. Our systems are properly installed, labelled and supplied with comprehensive documentation. Not only does this mean the chance of faults is less likely, any third party can easily work on the system, so down time is minimised and repair costs low.

See below some typical DIY installations we have found! Not only are they a mess but some have exposed mains wiring which is dangerous!



Don't do this!

If you would like a quotation for a professional installation, please contact us.

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