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5.5kg Stainless Steel Counterweight for 20mm Shafts

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We keep stock of weights with a bore suitable for 20mm shafts only. These weights are physically sized to match the common Skywatcher EQ6 / AZ-EQ6 weights. Other sizes can be ordered. Delivery for these is approx 10-14 days.

Please note that the shaft size for the standard EQ6 is not 20mm, it is 18mm. Our modified 'EVO6' EQ6 mounts have a different counterweight shaft that has a 20mm diameter.

Other mounts which use the 20mm size are;

Celestron CGEM, AVX

Skywatcher EQ3, EQ5

Vixen GP, Sphinx

Meade LXD75, LXD55

Bresser MON 2

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