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Track the Stars TTS-160 Side Mount Dovetail

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A lighter setup for travelling or quick looks

With the Vixen style dovetail saddle mounted on the side of the TTS-160 Mount Head, there is no need for counterweights giving a lightweight setup.

Setup with dual telescopes

It’s possible to install a dovetail saddle on one side or both sides.  With two telescopes mounted you can benefit from different views of the same object.

Also for astroimaging

It’s possible to image the planets and many of the brighter deep sky objects with this setup. Even though there is no telescope rOTAtor installed it is possible to use many short unguided exposures. With no polar alignment, no guiding and no derotation it’s great for beginners and for the fast travel setup.

Included Items

  • Vixen GP format side mount dovetail for TTS-160 Mount Head
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