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ScopeDome 2M Observatory with 120cm Tower Automated Package

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The ScopeDome 2M is a versatile, high quality dome observatory that offers many configurations depending on your requirements, A major feature of the ScopeDome 2M is that it is shipped fully assembled so it arrives on site only needing the be put in place. Naturally we liaise with you regarding the installation to arrange additional help such as lifting equipment. This saves significant time and installation cost.




This package provides you with a ready assembled and wired system that also saves you nearly £500 on the individual component costs.


The observatory also benefits from large scale production and being designed and made using CAD and CNC technology. It therefore has a very high level of finish with tight tolerences ensuring the dome and shutter operates smoothly unlike lower cost domes which can distort and stick.


A further benefit of ScopeDomes modern manufacturing process is the ability to choose a wide range of colours for your dome if desired or needed. A large object like a dome observatory can be an annoyance to a neighbour or local authorities if left in plain white. Therefore the whole range of colours shown in the RAL chart in the images are available at a small extra charge.


The ScopeDome 2M is available in a variety of options to best suit your needs. The package offered here is a complete ready to go automation solution that is delivered pre-assembled. It consists of;


Dome. The ScopeDome 2M is made in the same way as other ScopeDomes with the 'Dome' part sitting on the rotation base. 


Tower with Equipment Bay. This package is supplied with the 1200mm Tower. This raises the height of the dome to a level that provides plenty of space to move inside the some for both users and equipment. The Tower includes a door and an equipment bay.

A custom equipment rack design especially for the equipment bay can be provided by Astrograph Ltd for operation of your system. Please contact us for details.


Levelled Floor. As standard with this package, the structural floor is provided for the Tower base. This removes the need for you to lay a concrete slab as it requires only pads. The observatory can then be levelled. A centre cut-out is provided for your pier.


Motorisation. Key to fully automating a Dome based observatory is motorisation of the Dome and Shutter. This is supplied pre-fitted and uses the Plug and Play fitting option. The motor system for the ScopeDome 2M is based around 12V electrics and is fully ASCOM compatible. Unlike lower cost observatories, a ScopeDome does not rely on solar panels and batteries to power the shutter motor. Instead it has a fully integrated slip ring that keeps all the electronics internal. This is not only much neater but also protects these items from the weather.

The Automation System is very comprehensive and in addition to being operable via your PC / ASCOM, it can respond to information from weather stations and even provide an automated heating system.


A link to the Installation Manual for the Observatory is provided above. Please see the 'Product Data Sheet' link above the 'Add to Shopping Basket' button. Costs for the individual items are shown in the variations.


The basic shipping weight of the dome is 250kg and is shipped via Pallet. The costs of shipping and installation (if required) are not included. Please contact us for details and we will be happy to provide a quotation for shipping.


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is extra.

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