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QHY5III174M 1/1.2" Mono CMOS Sensor USB 3.0 (IMX174) 5.86µm

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The QHY5III174M is a classic camera for Solar System Imaging and Guiding. Its pixel size of 5.86µm make it well matched to many popular telescopes in terms of optimum sampling. The particularly big 1/1.2" sensor make it a great choice for Lunar and Solar Imaging allowing you to capture large areas without the need for a mosaic. Despite its size the IMX174 is also very fast and is capable of speeds up to 138FPS at full resolution and a ridiculous 490FPS when using a small Region of Interest (ROI).

The IMX174 features Sony's Pregius technology and combines high speed, low noise and excellent sensitivity with the QHY5III174M having peak QE of 78%.

In addition to being an excellent Solar System Imaging Camera, the QHY5III174M is also suitable for use as an entry level deep sky camera, particularly when used as a lucky imager and combining many short exposures.

The last discipline the QHY5III174M is well suited to is as a premium guide camera. With both large prism OAG systems and guide scopes, the QHY5III174M will provide a very large guiding field of view to maximise your choice of guide star. It is also well suited for use with an ONAG and full frame guiding.


Model QHY5III174
CMOS Sensor Sony IMX174
Pixel Size 5.86µm
Pixel Array 1920x1200
Effective Pixels 230 Megapixel
Sensor Format 1/1.2"
Frame Rate (Full Frame) 138FPS
Frame Rate (960x600) 262FPS
Frame Rate (480x300) 490FPS
Full Well Capacity 32ke-
Readout Noise 1.6e- to 5.3e-
A/D 12 Bit
Shutter Electronic Global
Interface USB 3.0
On Board Memory 512Kb / 100Kb User
Guide Port 6 Pin RJ11
Telescope Interface 1.25" / CS
Weight 89g


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