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ASA DDM100 Direct Drive EQ Mount 100kg Imaging Capacity - FREE SHIPPING!

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The DDM100 is the result of over 15 years of experience working with Direct Drive systems. It is the mount of choice for the most demanding pointing and tracking solutions with loads up to 100kg

To achieve the excellent tracking and pointing performance they are renowned for, ASA Direct Drive systems are equipped with encoders with up to 28bit (0.004 arcsec) high resolution encoders on each axis. After a pointing model is created using the ASA software package, the positioning error is typically better than 5 arcsec RMS, with tracking performance in the range of +/- 0.25 arcsec up to 10min (only guaranteed with ASA telescopes). The ASA DDM100 is the entry into all kinds of research work, including astronomical observation and satellite tracking. Astrophotography is usually conducted without external guiding thanks to ASA's proprietry MLPT (Multi Local Point Tracking) application.

ASA Mounts are supplied with all components needed to operate including Telescope mounting plate (ASA format), counterweights, PSU and cabling.


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EMC Astro S130 Pier System EMC Astro S130 Pier System
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