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Lunt 50mm Ha Etalon Filter Only

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The LS50 Hydrogen-alpha Double Stack filter system has a clear 50mm aperture (no central obstruction) integrally tuned etalon for use on any refractor telescope. The LS50 has an estimated bandwidth of <0.75 Angstrom and therefore capable of providing high contrast views of both Prominence and Chromosphere detail. When added to a standard 50 or 60mm Lunt Solar scope it will provide a bandpass of <0.5A.

The filter may also be fitted to conventional refractor telescopes to convert them for use as a solar scope. However, Please note that is this application it MUST be used with a blocking filter. The correct kits for conversion which include blocking filters can be found here

The LS50FHa Double Stack can be added to the Lunt 60mm solar scopes or 50mm Filter including blocking filter with no additional adaption as these both use M90 threads. To fit the LS50FHa to the LS50THa Telescope requires the addition of the Lunt Adapter for LS50/60FHa to LS50THa which converts the filters M90 thread to the M80 of the LS50THa


Aperture: 50 mm (no central obstruction)

Bandwidth: <0.75 Angstrom

Tuning: Tiltable Etalon

Housing Diameter: 95 mm

Length: 73 mm

Weight: 0.7 kg

Front Thread: M90x1 Female Thread

Rear Thread: M90x1 Male Thread



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