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The TEC300VT-7DEG telescope has been designed to match the optical images with the widely-spread now CCDs with the pixels size 9-12 μm and the sensor size 36.9 x 36.9mm (diagonal 52mm) In particular, the FLI Microline or Proline16803 and the Moravian G4-16000 cameras based on the KAF-16803 chip with the 4096 × 4096 pixels of 9 μm. Another CCD camera, the FLI PL 09000, includes the KAF-09000 chip with the 3056 × 3056 pixels of 12 μm size (36.67 mm × 36.67 mm), the diagonal length is 51.9 mm.

The telescope’s optical layout provides images of the stars in the integral visual light (454nm-836nm) of diameter less than 9 μm, i.e. not larger than one pixel, all over the field. Secondly, the effective focal length of the telescope, F = 425 mm, and the angular diameter of the field of view, 2w = 7º.0, provide the linear field of diameter 52.1 mm.

Optical tube assembly

Weight incl. FLI camera ~40 kg

Full length (Baffle front edge - rear side of FLI) 1030mm

Optical design by Professor Valery Terebizh, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University, Russia

Mechanical design features

A-thermal Titanium cells Invar rods assembly for thermal stability of the focus

Orthogonal tip-tilt adjustment of the camera focal plane, adjustment range 0.25 deg.

45 deg. camera axial rotation

Belt driven focusing mechanism, focusing range 5mm


Design Terebizh Catadioptic
Design Version VT99c
Entrance Pupil Diameter 300mm
Effective Focal Length 425mm
Focal Ratio F1.44
Scale in Focal Plane 2.06µm/arcsec
Primary Spectral Waveband 420-840nm
Angular FIeld of View
Field Curvature Flat
Linear DIameter of FIeld 52.1mm
Fraction of Unvignetted Light - Optical Axis 0.70
Fraction of Unvignetted Light - Edge of FIeld 0.57
Effective Aperture Diameter - Optical Axis 250mm
Effective Aperture Diameter - Edge of FIeld 227mm
Back Focal Length (Last lens surface to CCD) 70mm
RMS Spot Diameter (Center / Edge) 2.3 / 3.8µm
Diameter of circle containing 80% energy (Center / Edge) 5.5 / 7.1µm
Maximum Distortion <20%
System Length - Last Surface 373mm
System Length - CCD Detector 443mm


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