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Pierro Astro ADC-Mk III

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The Pierro Astro Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector has been a revolution in observing and imaging objects. Through the use of 2 high quality minimum 1/10 Lamda silicate prisms, it corrects the false colour introduced by the earths atmosphere. When used for Planetary imaging it changes the clarity of the image dramatically, particularly in the Luminence channel when LRGB imaging.

As with previous versions of the Pierro Astro ADC the MkIII has an extended bandwidth range to 300nm. This makes it highly suitable for imaging Venus and other targets in the UV wavelength range. Compared to cheap far eastern ADC's the transmission quality of the PA-ADC is significantly higher. This is very important for Venus imaging as sensors and coatings are already very restrictive at sub 400nm wavelengths.

As the MkII before it, the prisms in the new MkIII are also more powerful allowing for correction of dispersion at lower elevations compared to the previous model. A new feature of the MkIII is a modification to the prism adjustment. Instead of two levers which must be moved equally, the new MkIII now only uses one lockable lever which adjusts both prisms simultaneously. This makes setting the optimum correction much easier.

Since the introduction of the Pierro Astro ADC, its design has been copied and now there are other, cheaper ADC's available. Do not be fooled by these cheap imitations! The Pierro Astro ADC has system accuracy of L/10 (not just a claimed accuracy for one prism surface) and uses high efficiency fused silica prisms with optimised coatings. The cheaper competition uses BK7 prisms and are at least 20% less efficient at UV wavelengths than the Pierro Astro ADC. Very importantly now the planets will be lower in the sky for many years to come, the Pierro Astro ADC has 2.5 degree prisms instead of the common 2.0 degree. This means more adjustment of dispersion is possible on low altitude objects.

We firmly believe the Pierro Astro ADC is the best non-professional dispersion corrector available on the market today.


Threads T2 Male and Female

Dimensions TBC (HxD)

Optical Aperture 24mm Usable

Optics 2 Prisms

Deviation Angle Edge 2,5 Degrees

Surface Accuracy 1/10 ptv

Anti-Reflective Coating FMC Reflection of 0.5 percent 300-700nm (ADC-UV)

Lateral Surface Blackened for improved contrast

Substrate High quality fused silica, transmission: 170nm to 2500nm (transmission of prisms also depends on anti-reflection coating)


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