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ZWO ASI174MM Mini Mono CMOS USB 2.0 (IMX174) 5.86µm

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The ZWO ASI174MM MINI is an excellent choice for those looking for a guide camera with extreme sensitivity and a very wide field of view

It features a compact 1.25" format body that has a front thread in C/CS format. An adapter is supplied to extend the front of the camera with a 1.25" nosepiece. This allows the ASI MINI to be inserted into any 1.25" format focuser, diagonal etc and be slid in and out for focus or back focus position.

The rear of the camera uses the new USB-C connector for connection to your PC. There is also a ST-4 port for those wishing to connect the camera direct to a mount for guiding. This is really a legacy connection as guiding today is better performed via direct connection through the mounts controller as facilitated by such guiding programs as PHD2.

USB 2.0 is used for communications as this simplifies on scope wiring and is far more robust than the USB 3.0 standard which is normally associated with the IMX174 chipset. The tradeoff for this is that the ASI174MM MINI cannot be used at the very high speeds the IMX174 is capable of. It is therefore not the best solution for solar, lunar or planetary imaging. Instead the USB 3.0 version should be considered. The MINI is intended to be a guide camera and with the IMX174 it is particularly sensitive and well suited to this task. High FPS is not a consideration for guiding.


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