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ZWO ASI1600 Pro Mono CMOS Cooled Camera (Micro 4/3) 3.8µm

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The ZWO ASI1600 family of cameras introduces a new class of camera to the deep sky imaging market. These cameras are very compact and lightweight, thereby making them ideal for travel and use with systems where focuser load is limited. The cameras feature a modern CMOS 4/3 sensor which provides a large field of view compared to typical budget CCD cameras, together with high sensitivity and high resolution 16 mega pixel performance. This makes it an ideal partner for the small, low f ratio scopes the camera will typically be partnered with.

The camera features a male T2 thread on its body and is supplied with both 1.25" and 2" adapters permitting connection to just about any imaging setup. The T2 thread can be used to attach a Nikon or Canon EOS lens adapter, thereby permitting direct connection of camera lenses.

Note: The ASI1600 is fitted with an Anti Reflection window infront of the sensor but this does not cut IR. Therefore for long exposure images a suitable IR cut filter should be added to prevent blooming.

In addition to DSO imaging, the camera can also be used for high frame rate imaging of the Moon and Planets. It also includes an ST4 guide port so can also be used as a super wide field guide camera. Its flexibility is therefore unmatched.

Software support is widespread due to the cameras ASCOM driver. FIrecapture supports the ASI1600 natively.

This version of the ASI1600 offers regulated 2 stage peltier cooling to a maximum of -45°C below ambient. The camera can operate on USB power alone but for cooler operation a separate 12V DC power source (2A) is required. See above an example of a 300s dark file with the camera running at -25°C


Sensor Micro 4/3 (4/3")
Diagonal 21.9mm
Resolution 16MP (4656x3520)
Pixel Size 3.8mµ
Max FPS at Max Resolution 23FPS
Shutter Rolling
Shutter Range 32µs - 2000s
Read Noise 1.2e @ 30dB Gain
Well Depth 20Ke
ADC 12 Bit
Interface USB 2.0 / 3.0
Adaption T2 / 2" / 1.25"
Protection Window Yes, AR Coated
Dimensions 62mm Diameter, 41mm Depth
Weight 140 Grams
Back Focus 6.5mm
Working Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Working Relative Humidity 20% to 80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20% to 95%
Supported Resolutions (12 Bit ADC)  
4656 × 3520 14.7FPS
3840 × 2160 23.1FPS
1920 × 1680 32.9FPS
1280 × 960 47.1FPS
640 × 480 80.4FPS
320 × 240 124.4FPS
Supported Resolutions (10 Bit ADC)  
4656 x 3520 23FPS
3840 x 2160 36.2FPS
1920 x 1680 57.7FPS
1280 x 960 73.6FPS
640 x 480 125.7FPS
320 x 240 192.4FPS


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