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ZWO ASI071 Pro Colour CMOS Cooled Camera APS-C (IMX071) 4.78µm

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The ASI071 features an APS-C sized imaging sensor. It uses the same 16MP imaging sensor as the Nikon D7000/7100 and D5100. The big difference is that the electronics were designed specifically for deep sky imaging and the camera also includes two-stage TEC-cooling. The ASI071 is only available as a colour version.

Colour cameras have real benefits over mono counterparts. The most obvious is the reduced cost as you do not have to invest in a filter wheel or filters. The real benefit is that you only have to take a third or even a quarter of the images you would take with a mono camera. When imaging time becomes limited due to poor skies this becomes an invaluable time saver.

The ASI071 also provides a video function and can run as high as 10FPS at maximum resolution. This offers the possibility to use it as a real time live view camera thanks to advances in capture applications such as SharpCap. This versatility also permits capture of objects like the moon like a traditional high frame rate camera. Multiple exposures can then be stacked for an extremely low noise result

The ASI071 also includes some other useful features. Although it requires 12v DC power to operate the cooling system, if you do not wish to use this then the camera is easily powered via USB 3.0 only. The camera also features a USB 3.0 hub permitting a single USB cable to connect both the camera and another device like a guide camera. When being cooled to very low temperatures, there is a real risk that the window covering the sensor can fog up. To avoid this the ASI071 has integrated chamber warming. At the front of the camera is an integrated tilt adjuster. This can be very useful if you find your focuser suffers from tilt.

The items supplied with the camera are as follows; Please use the numbered image above as a reference

1. Camera Case


3. Camera Body Backup desiccant tablets. These can be used with the desiccant tube if you find fogging inside the camera

4. Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC & Linux Compatible)

5. T2-1.25″ nose piece

6. T2 21mm extension

7. T2-M48 16.5mm extension

8. 2″ Dust Cap

9. 1.25″ Dust Cap Screwdriver

10. Allen Key

11. M42-M48 adapter

12. 2 m long USB 3.0 cable

13. Desiccant tube

14. 2x USB 2.0 short cable


Sensor Sony IMX071 APS-C
Diagonal 28.4mm
Resolution 16MP (4944x3284)
Pixel Size 4.78mµ
Max FPS at Max Resolution 10FPS
Shutter Rolling
Shutter Range 64µs - 2000s
Read Noise 2.3e @ 24dB Gain
Well Depth 46Ke
ADC 14 Bit
Interface USB 2.0 / 3.0
Adaption T2 / 2"
Protection Window Yes, AR Coated
Dimensions 78mm Diameter
Weight 500 Grams
Back Focus 17.5mm
Working Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Working Relative Humidity 20% to 80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20% to 95%
Supported Resolutions (14 Bit ADC)  
4944 × 3284 10.0FPS
1920 × 1200 28.0FPS
1280 × 1080 33.0FPS
640 × 480 70.0FPS
320 × 240 134.0FPS
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