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SC (2" UNC) to M48 Rotating Adapter

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The TSROTSC-M48 adapter is a real problem solver by TS Optics. Adaption from 2" SC thread to M48x0.75 with only 8mm optical length. It has 360° Rotation and is easy to lock


Types of use


Extremely short adaptation of 2" diagonal mirrors with M48 thread e.g. Schmidt-Cassegrains

Short adaptation of adapters, correctors, field flatteners etc. with SC thread to M48 Many field flatteners and correctors have a SC thread on their back side (William TMB flattener, Celestron SC reducer etc.). On the other hand, most of the Off-Axis-Guiders have an M48 thread on their telescope side (TS OAG, Lumicon...). With our adapter, you can connect such parts without wasting optical path and you additionally have a 360° rotation opportunity.


Technical details


Connecting thread M48x0,75 (2" male) to 2" SC female

Optical path Only 8mm

Rotation 360°


The TSROTSC-M48 adapter consists of two parts: The casing with the male M48 thread and the conic inner part with the female 2" SC thread. It builds a ring dovetail that holds the accessories securely in position. Additionally, you can adjust it perfectly to the optical axis using the two metric set screws.

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