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Tecnosky 70Q F5 FPL-53 Quadruplet APO - 2.5" Focuser - SALE!

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The AG70 is now End of Line. We have 1pc of this excellent imaging scope left, now at a special price

The Tecnosky AG70 is a flat field Apochromatic Astrograph that offers a flat field suitable for up to 24x36mm format sensors. The AG70's optical design features a front FPL53 / Lanthanum doublet and two rear correcting elements to guarantee images free of false colour that are sharp to the very edge of field for imaging.  All optics are fully multi-coated and the interior of the tube has a series of knife edge baffles to eliminate unwanted reflections.

The rear of the scope terminates in an M48 thread allowing direct connect for full frame DSLRs with a suitable mount adapter. This thread is part of a zero tilt rotator to allow perfect framing of an object. The end of the focuser also incorporates a tilt adjuster to allow for any tilt errors that may be introduced by the camera sensor. The focuser itself has dual tilt adjusters to prevent any tilt from excessive loads. Note: ALL scopes supplied by Astrograph Ltd are subjected to collimation and alignment before supply. We test all performance critical products so you don't end up disappointed.

Despite being a very small and compact tube it is equipped with the new 2.5" Rack and Pinion focuser that has a load capacity up to 3kg. The excellent 2.5" R&P focuser can be fully motorised with the addition of a Lunatico Motor Focus kit or Optec Direct Sync APO KitComplete with rings the whole scope weight is only 2.1 kg! The low focal ratio, large fully corrected field, lightweight and outstanding design set the Tecnosky out as an exceptional Astrograph and compact travel scope. Highly recommended.

General Specifications

Type Flat Field Quadruplet Apochromat
Aperture 70mm
Focal Length 350mm
F Ratio 5
Tube Rings Alloy
Case No
Dovetail Vixen GP
Weight 2.1kg



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Optec DirectSync APO Motor Kit for APM and Tecnosky 2.5" Focusers Optec DirectSync APO Motor Kit for APM and Tecnosky 2.5" Focusers
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