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Tecnosky 90mm F6.2 'OWL' Triplet APO 2.5" Focuser Min 0.95 Strehl / Test Report - AVAILABLE!

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The Tecnosky 90/560 OWL is a new apochromatic refractor based on a triplet featuring Ohara FPL-55 Super ED glass, blackened lens edges and blue-violet FMC anti-reflective treatment. The tube is made of aluminum with retractable lens hood and internal baffles.

The focuser is a 2.5" precision rack and pinion focuser with 1:10 micro focusing. It is both zero tilt rotation on the main focuser to tube coupling and a seperate rotator on the end of the drawtube. The draw tube features a twist lock 2" clamp with seperate 1.25" self centering adapter. This adapter, if fully unscrewed, also features a T2 thread. With the twist lock adapter removed, the tube end features an M63 femal thread for use with appropriate correctors. The focuser is fully compatible with our UXF Motor Focus

The ring design allow the use of Vixen or Losmandy plates. As supplied the 90/560 includes a 240mm Viven plate which can extend past the focuser. This allows easy balancing when used with camera loads.

Above the rings is a convenient handle using the Vixen format. All the plates and sides of the rings feature threaded holes for mounting of accessories.

The telescope is supplied with a flightcase.

All Tecnosky OWL series telescopes are supplied with an Optical test report offering a gauranteed minimum strehl of 0.95. The test is serial number linked and is marked on the test, our own QC sheet and the inside of the dew cap.

As with all telescopes supplied by Astrograph, the Tecnosky 90 OWL is supplied to customers only after careful inspection and having collimation checked

General Specifications


FPL-55 Triplet Apochromat



Focal Length


F Ratio


Tube Rings

CNC Alloy








480mm Minimum fully retracted


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