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GSO Truss Newtonian 303mm F/4

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GSO Truss Newtonian 303mm F4

The GSO Truss Newtonian features a carbon fibre truss chassis with optics of BK7 glass. The mirror coatings have 94% reflectivity and a protective treatment to prevent tarnishing.

This truss design improves the rigidity of the OTA and is essentially expansion free. This helps maintain collimation and limits changes to focus due to changes in temperature. The open nature of the truss design also removes the chance of tube currents and helps to limit the build up of dew, due to improved air circulation.

With a F/4 ratio and the focal length of 1212mm you will be able to shoot faint deep sky objects with just a few minutes of exposure.

The focuser supplied is GSO's 2" Monorail with 1:10 micrometric reduction capable of supporting loads up to 2kg in weight. This is a fairly basic focuser and we recommend contacting us about alternative focuser options that are more in keeping with the performance that this telescope is capable of.


OTA Type Carbon Truss Tube
Primary Mirror Parabolic BK7 Glass
Primary Mirror Diameter 303mm
Secondary Mirror Diameter 88mm
Focal Length 1212mm
Coating Reflectivity 94% Dielectric Coated
Supplied Focuser 2" Crayford with Microfocusing
Supplied Accessories 50mm Finder and Bracket
Mounting Dual 3" Losmandy
Weight 23kg
Warranty 2 Years


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