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T2 Tilt Adapter

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When imaging it is often possible to find that stars are not sharp in all corners or when solar imaging that Newtons Rings appear. Some possible causes of this problem are

- Tilted camera sensor (fragments of a millimetre are enough)

- Tilted focuser

- Tilted focal plane of the telescope (common in Newtonian telescopes)

- Tilted optical accessories from poor clamping

- Perfectly aligned camera sensor and etalon in solar imaging causing a standing wave


The T2 tilt adjuster is a simple means to align a camera's sensor is with the focal plane no matter what causes the tilt or to add tilt to prevent Newtons Rings.

To use simply identify the "bad corner" in your photo and begin adjusting the tilt adapter as follows.


1. Loosen the counter screws (the small setting screws)

2. Slightly turn the adjustment screws close to the "bad corner"

3. Take a second image. If the situation has become worse, turn the adjustment screw in the other direction until the image is satisfying.

4. Finally, tighten the counter screws again.


For removal of Newtons rings simply apply tilt until the problem is removed



- Connection threads: M42x0.75 - T2 (female at telescope / male at camera side)

- Inside diameter 38,5mm

- Back focus: 11mm (+/- 0,5mm - depends on adjustment situation)

- Adjustment by three adjustment and three counter screws

- Outside Diameter of the tilting mechanism 69mm

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