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QHY CFW3 M-SR 5 x 50mm Filter Wheel OFFER!

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The QHYCFW3 Filter wheel series has been designed to offer precision operation and flexibility of use.

As a design, the CFW3 series uses a friction drive system resulting in zero backlash and precision positioning. Different size versions of the CFW3 series filter wheels will allow refitting of different filter carousels, thus allowing you to change the size or capacity of your wheel without having to replace the entire wheel. Recognition of the new wheel is done automatically. The M-US version offered here can be fitted with either 8 x 1.25", 7 x 36mm or 5 x 50mm / 2" carousels making it extremely versatile.

The CFW3-M-SR is a short filter wheel supplied with a 5 x 50mm (round and 2" screw type) filter carousel.

The CFW3-M-SR is a slim filter wheel for its size using only 20.5mm of back focus, making it ideal for use with image trains where back focus is limited. Please not that an alternative version of this wheel (M-US) is available that has only 17mm back focus.

Although optimised for use with QHY cameras, the QHY CFW3 series may be used with any brand of camera. When used with a QHY camera that features their 4 pin filter wheel connection, the filter wheel is controlled and powered via the cameras power and USB connection. If used with a non QHY camera, or camera without the 4 pin connector, the filter wheel may be control via USB 2.0 and independent power. Cables for either form of connection are supplied with the filter wheels. Switching between the the two types of connection is confirmed by pressing a status button on the exterior of the filter wheel.

The CFW3-M wheel provides an M54x0.75 thread on the front and back of the filter wheel. In addition a 2" nose piece is provided for simple connection to the telescope. The front of the filter wheel also has a 6 hole screw mount option. This can be used to directly mount the QHY OAG-M off axis guider or other adaption directly.

At the rear of the filter wheel a clamping ring is supplied. This is secured with six screws. For use with non QHY cameras we would advise on adaption to your particular camera, typically via the M54 thread. For connection to a QHY camera the clamping ring is replaced with a dovetail that is supplied with the camera. This permits secure mounting and adjustment of camera rotation.


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