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QHY5III485C 1/1.2" STARVIS BSI Colour CMOS Sensor USB 3.0 (IMX485) 2.9µm

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The QHY5III485C uses Sony's new IMX485, back illuminated, 8.4 megapixel colour CMOS sensor with an array of 3864 x 2180 pixels at 2.9um. With USB 3.0 interface, a maximum full frame rate of 44 FPS at 8-bits or 18.5 FPS at 16-bits and up to 190FPS with Region of Interest set to 480 lines, typical when imaging planets.

The format of the QHY5III485C is 16:9, which is equivalent to the mainstream video output ratio. With native ‘4K’ high resolution, the QHY5III485C can play a special role in recording video for astronomical science live broadcasts.

The large 1/1.2” sensor provides the same area as the popular IMX174. This makes it not only much easier to find objects at high magnifications, but also makes it a good choice for lunar and some types of solar imaging.

QHY5III485C is equipped with 128MB DDR built-in image buffer. In non-video output mode, the DDR buffer relieves the transmission pressure brought by high-resolution large data volume and reduce information loss.

The QHY5III485C standard package includes a 2.5mm Fisheye lens that converts the planetary camera into a high-resolution, 8.4 Megapixel All Sky camera with 180-degree field of view.

Model QHY5III485C
CMOS Sensor Sony IMX485 BSI
Pixel Size 2.9µm
Pixel Array 3864x2180
Effective Pixels 8.4 Megapixel
Sensor Format 1/1.2"
Frame Rate (Full Frame) 44FPS (8 Bit)
Frame Rate (ROI 480 Lines) 190FPS
Frame Rate (ROI 768 Lines) 121FPS
Full Well Capacity 12236ke-
Readout Noise 0.6e- to 1.09e- (sHGC Mode)
A/D 12 Bit
Shutter Electronic Rolling
Interface USB 3.0
On Board Memory 128MB DDR Buffer
Guide Port 6 Pin RJ11
Telescope Interface 1.25" / CS
Optical Window UV/IR Cut and AR Coated



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