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QHY 461M + QHYCFW3-XL + OAG-L Package (IMX461) 3.76µm

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The QHY461M uses the ONY IMX461 back illuminated sensor. This medium format sensor offers a large 44mm x 33mm sensor size and 3.76µm pixels with native 16-bit A/D. This QHY461M is available in monochrome only.

Building on the outstanding reputation of the QHY268M and QHY600M, the QHY461M promises to offer exceptional value for larger format cameras. Supplied as standard with the QHY461M are the QHYCFW3-XL filter wheel offering 7 x 50mm sq filter positions and the OAG-L Off Axis Guide unit.

Currently the QHY461 is available to order with a typical lead time of 14 days.


Model QHY461 PH Mono

Image Sensor SONY Full Frame BSI CMOS Sensor IMX461

Pixel Size 3.76µm x 3.76µm Mono

Sensor Surface Glass AR+AR Multi-Coated

Sensor Type Back-Illuminated (BSI)

Effective Pixels 102 Megapixels 11760 x 8896 effective area

Effective Image Area 44mm x 33mm

Full Well Capacity (1x1, 2x2, 3x3) Standard Mode >50ke- / >200ke- / >450ke- Extend Full Well Mode >80ke- / >320ke- / >720ke-

A/D 16-bit (0-65535 levels) at 1x1 binning 18-bit at 2x2, 19-bit at 3x3, 20-bit at 4x4 software binning *QHY461 uses software digital binning for 2x2binning. With digital sum, 2x2binning will be four 16-bit summed then it is 18-bit.

Sensor Size Medium Format (44mm x 33mm)

Image Transfer Speed

Full Frame Size: 2.7FPS (8-bit output)

Full Frame Size: 1.3FPS (16-bit output)

Read Noise 1.0e- to 3.7e- (HGC Mode)

Dark Current 0.003e-/p/s @ -20C

Exposure Time Range 50µs - 3600sec

Firmware/FPGA remote Upgrade Supported. Via Camera USB Port

Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter

Computer Interface USB3.0

Built-in Image Buffer 1GBytes DDR3 memory

Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler: -35C° below ambient

Anti-Dew Heater Yes

Telescope Interface M62/0.75 via Filter Wheel

Optic Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating

Power 11-13V

Back Focal Length 32.5mm (Camera Only).

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