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QHY 367C Pro Colour CMOS Cooled Camera 36x24mm (IMX094) 4.88µm

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The QHY 367C PRO features the Sony Exmor IMX094 CMOS sensor which is also found in the Nikon D800/810 DSLR cameras. In those cameras it has showed outstanding image quality with wide dynamic range. This sensor is implemented in the QHY367C PRO specifically for astronomical use with QHYCCD thermal noise reduction technology. With read noise as low as 2.4e-, full well capacity of 56ke-, and 14-bit A/D, the camera has a dynamic range of more than 14 stops.

Many cameras claim to output RAW image files, but there is often still some internal processing performed on the image. This can have a negative effect on astronomy images such as the "star eater" effect. The QHY367C PRO outputs TRUE RAW data, preserving the original data for maximum compatibility with astronomical imaging processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.

Cooling is an important aspect in terms of getting the best from any given sensor. However it is not just enough to add a cooling system. In addition to dual stage TEC cooling, QHYCCD implements proprietary technology in hardware to control the dark current noise. As a result the dark current of this camera is a remarkable 0.0015e-/p/s at -15C.

The optical window features high quality AR+AR multi-layer coatings. In addition the sensor surface is AR (Anti-Reflection) coated, all of which significantly reduces halos around bright stars. IR blocking is not present, so that the cameras can be used with maximum sensitivity for H-alpha and near IR capture when desired, or a simple IR blocking filter (L filter) can be attached for typical RGB imaging with IR cut.

Many CMOS cameras exhibit some form of amplifier glow. With QHYCCD anti-amp glow technology, the QHY367C PROexhibits zero amplifier glow, even in long exposures. This makes long exposures of DSOs possible and easier to process. There are only a few CMOS cameras that can achieve zero amplifier glow results. The QHY367C PRO is one.

With deep cooling condensation or fogging can become a problem. QHYCCD has implemented full dew control solutions for the 367C PRO. The optical window has a built-in dew heater and the CMOS chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

QHYCCD offers a variety of mechanical adapters for the QHY367C PRO allowing it to fit a broad range of accessories, including the QHYCCD OAG, 0.5mm-27.5mm flexible back focus adjust spacer, 2-inch T-ring, IR filter holder and more. In addition we can custom make adapters to suit your particular application

As a further enhancement to trouble free imaging, the 367C PRO is equipped with a 128MB DDRII buffer which is greater than one full frame (72MB per frame) and is ideal for buffering the image in the camera. It helps tremendously with slower computers and also USB2.0 connections where it improves the data transfer stability and flow control.

Astrograph have tested the 367C in the field and find it is capable of excellent results and astonishing download speed when used with USB3.0 connectivity.

It should be noted that unlike the mono QHY cameras, the 367C PRO does not feature a connector to power a QHY filter wheel. You may think that a filter wheel is unecessary, however it may be preferable to use the camera with Light Pollution, UV/IR or Multi-Spectral filters. As such a filter wheel becomes necessary. Use of a QHY wheel is easily accomodated through a simple Y splitter power cable.


Model QHY367PRO-C

Sensor SONY IMX094 Full Frame CMOS Sensor

AR Coating On CMOS chamber Yes. Multi-layer AR coating

Pixel Size 4.88µm x 4.88µm

Effective Pixel Area 7376 x 4938 pixels

Effective Pixels 36 megapixels

Effective Image Area 36mm x 24mm

Fullwell 56ke-

AD Sample Depth 14bit (output as 16bit and 8bit)

Full Resolution frame rate 3.2FPS@14BIT

2160lines (eg.7400 x 2160,4096 x 2160) 7FPS

1080lines(eg.7400 x 2160,1920 x 2160) 14FPS

768lines(eg.7400 x 768,1024 x 768) 19FPS

480lines(eg.7400 x 480,640 x 480) 30FPS

320lines(eg.7400 x 240,320 x 240) 40FPS

100lines(eg.7400 x 100,240 x 100) 83FPS

Readout Noise 3.2e-@Low gain / 2.4e-@unity gain

Maximum Dynamic Range >17000:1 (More than 14 STOP's)

Dark Current 0.0015e/pixel/sec @ -15C

Exposure Time Range 100us-3600sec

Anti-Glow Control Yes, Zero Glow

Shutter Type Electric Rolling Shutter

Computer Interface USB3.0

Built-in Image Buffer 128MByte DDR2 memory Non-volatile memory / On camera storage Build-in total 512Kbytes Flash Memory. 100Kbytes user-accessible space for stellar ROI frames for analysis of exoplanet investigation, occultations, atmospheric seeing messurement, focus , optic analysis etc. Support 100 x 100 image x 10 frames 50 x 50 image x 40 frames. 25 x 25 image x 160 frames 10 x 10 image x 1000 frames (total frame numbers are based on 8bit image

Cooling System Dual Stage TEC cooler(-45C° below ambient*) *The original QHY367C is -35C°. The QHY367PRO can reach -45C° with the improved sensor structure design

Anti-Dew Heater Yes

Silicon Gel Socket Yes

Telescope Interface M54/0.75 Female Thread on the fast installer/center adjust ring

Optical Window Type AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating (Camera needs a UV/IR filter in the light path)

Back Focal Length 18.5mm from face

Weight 788g

Power Consumption ~ 30 Watts @ 100% TEC. 13 Watts @ 50%TEC


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Optolong 2" L-Enhance Tri Band Filter Optolong 2" L-Enhance Tri Band Filter
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Optolong 2" L-Extreme 7nm Dual Band Filter Optolong 2" L-Extreme 7nm Dual Band Filter
£207.50 *
Optolong 2" L-Pro Light Pollution Filter Optolong 2" L-Pro Light Pollution Filter
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