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Planewave L-350 Direct Drive Mount 45kg Capacity - FREE SHIPPING

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The PlaneWave L-350 is an alt-azimuth, single-fork arm style mount that is capable of carrying a total payload of 45kg/100lbs. This mount therefore can easily carry a PlaneWave or other telescopes up to approx 14" / 350mm in size.

The mount combines versatility, simplicity and affordability by combining all the technology of PlaneWave's Observatory-class telescopes into a compact and stand-alone mount and is a breakthrough in mount design, specification and features for the price.

The L-350 mount uses a direct drive motor system with high resolution encoders on both the RA and DEC axes that results in zero backlash and periodic error. The mount can slew at speeds from 20 degrees to up to 50 degrees per second! It is supplied with a CDK14 compatible clamp on the 'inside' of the 'L'. In addition a second clamp, such as the Optec 'Keller-EZ' can be mounted on the outside permitting a second telescope to be added simply.

The mount is offered in an Alt-Az configuration but can be used Equatorialy with the optional L-350 Equatorial wedge. The Alt/Az configuration is considerably more compact than an equatorial mounted configuration, allowing a larger telescope to fit in a smaller enclosure.  Unlike German Equatorial mounts, no polar alignment is necessary, there are no meridian flips and no large protruding counterweights to create a potential hazard if the telescope is located in a public observatory. However if possible we recommend the use of the mount in EQ mode as this removes many potential issues that imaging in Alt-Az mode with a de-rotator can cause.

When used in EQ mode this configuration of mount provides tracking that is free of Meridian flips enabling data gathering to be done without interruption. The dual mount arrangement provides additional flexibility in the equipment used. The mount is also essentially hollow which permits the bulk of cabling to be housed within the mount keeping things free of wires.

To enhance balance, the L series can be moved laterally so that weight is positioned over the central axis. If this cannot be done with a simple movement, then a counterweight can be added to the base.

In short the L-350 is an excellent choice for a medium capacity observatory class mount that represents excellent value. From August we expect to have an L-350 available for demonstration via our remote hosted demonstration system located at e-Eye in Spain.

Price includes delivery. As with all products supplied by Astrograph, we are happy to offer installation and setup advice including full installation if required. Please ask for details

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