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FLIR (Point Grey) External Power Cable for Blackfly GigE / USB

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This external power cable features a common 2.1mm DC socket that most 12V DC power sources use. This cable fits the Point Grey Blackfly models. This cable offers the following benefits;

1 - For GigE cameras it is required to power the camera unless there is a suitable PoE connection for the camera already (NOTE: All Point Grey GigE cameras supplied by Astrograph Ltd include this cable as standard)

2 - For USB cameras the external power cable will allow longer length (3m+) cables to be used while maintaining high frame rates.

3 - The power output quality of USB3 varies among computers. Higher power consumption cameras such as the Grasshopper series may show artefacts caused by poor USB power. The external cable prevents this.

4 - External, low noise power supplies allow the camera electronics to work more efficiently and actually enhance image quality through lowering noise. Therefore we recommend the use of these cables as standard to get the most from your camera.

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