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OVNI-M Night Vision Eyepiece White Phosphor FOM2400

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The OVNI-M Series is offered with White Phosphor Tubes. Traditionally Green has been the common intensifier tube phosphor choice. Following technology improvements, white phosphor is now available which results in a much more natural intensified view that is particularly well suited to astronomy applications. White Phosphor tubes are a little more expensive than Green but we feel the view provided is preferable. Please see the image below for a comparison.


OVNI-N Night Vision Eyepieces are designed specifically for astronomy and should not be confused with other night vision products. The main differences between an OVNI Night Vision monocular for astronomy and one sourced from a specialist night vision supplier, such as the common PVS-14 type are as follows;

- The OVNI-M features a tube that is hand picked for astronomical use and that is supplied with a test report from the tube manufacturer. No two intensifier tubes are the same and so night vision purchased 'off the shelf' can perform very differently from one that is hand picked and tested to operate within specific parameters. You can be sure with OVNI-M that only the very best tubes are fitted.

- The OVNI-M uses thinfilm type intensifier tubes specifically. This provides sharper star shapes and also helps increase tube life which is typically 10,000 hours (at max performance)

- OVNI-M features an Autogated function. This protects the tube from strong light sources. This function is often an option with off the shelf night vision equipment

- A traditional night vision system includes a lens. This means it can only be used afocally. The OVNI-M is designed for astronomy and so as standard can be used at prime focus, afocally and standalone making it very verstile

- Via Astrograph, the OVNI-M is supplied with a filter adapter allowing you to attach both 1.25" and 2" filters

- Via Astrograph, the OVNI-M is supplied with an ABS Carrying Case

- All OVNI-M's are supplied with a test report detailing the intesifier performance.

The highest specification of image intensifier tube is commonly referred to as GEN 3 or GEN 3+ (Generation 3). This is a term that was first used in the US. It does not refer to a specific technology and it is really only a guide to the general performance of a night vision system. It should be understood that there is no GEN 4 although some tube companies use the number 4 in their product descriptions. In reality the generation used in the product description is no real guide to the performance of the product. This is why we do note quote such terms with respect to the OVNI-M.

Although it is not the only detirmining factor to the performance of an intensifier tube, the FOM (Figure Of Merit) is a good indicator as to its performance. This is derived by multiplying the tubes Resolution (in lp/mm - line pairs per mm) and its Signal to Noise ratio. We use the FOM to differentiate tubes. Basically the higher the FOM, the more sensitive it is. We offer four levels for the OVNI-M. 1800, 2100, 2400 and state of the art 2600. The latter is very difficult to acheive in production and is therefore the most expensive, it does however represent the best performance that current technology allows.

The FOM is not the only factor that defines Night Vision performance. A few other important considerations are;

EBI (Electronic Background Illumination) This is the amount of light generated by the intensifier tube when no light is actually falling on it. It is a form of noise and is measured in lumens per square centimetre (lm/cm2). If EBI is high then it will limit the faintest detail you can see. All OVNI-M Night Vision devices are gauranteed to have a maximum EBI of 0.8. Typically it will be lower.

The images of deep sky objects shown above were taken by one of our customers using a Night Vision afocal system fitted with a Harder tube with an FOM of 2400. The images were captured using a phone and give you a very real idea of what you will actually see through the eyepiece. The images identified 'FSQ' were taken using an FSQ-85 and captured from Wimbledon in London. These show just what is possible from even surburban skies with a small telescope. The others were captured from the Isle of Wight using a 130mm Refractor

We keep an example of the OVNI-M on demonstration (FOM2100). Customer orders for OVNI-M's require a 30% deposit. Delivery time is 30-60 days. This lead time is required due to the nature of the intensifier tube which is selected and tested on the sky before delivery from OVNI to us.

The OVNI-M 2400 was until very recently, the state of the art for Night Vision. It offers an extremely high level of performance for demanding observations.


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