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Moravian Instruments EFW-4L Mk I 7x50mmsq Filter Wheel for G4 / C4 Series

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The Moravian Instruments EFW-4L-7 is a 7 position filter wheel designed to hold conventional 50x50mm square unmounted filters. It is intended to be fitted to a Moravian G4 series camera, typically the G3-16000. This camera requires use of a 50mm Square filter to prevent vignetting when used with an external filter wheel.

The filter wheel is not available as a separate item. it must be ordered with a G4 series camera. The filter wheel will then be supplied fitted to the camera by the factory.

A 7 position wheel allows Red, Green, Blue, Ha, OIII, SII and a clear Luminance filter to be combined at the same time.

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