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Lunatico Seletek Motor Focus Kit APM 2.5" / 3" ZTA - SALE!

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The Lunatico Seletek motor focus kit is an all in one motor focusing solution that includes the mounting bracket, motor and PC connected controller.

The controller requires 12V and is supplied with a DC power cable terminated with a Cigar type power plug. The Seletek controller has two communications ports. The second port may be used to connect to other compatible equipment such as a rotator or observatory power relay.

The system is controlled using a PC application which provides comprehensive configuration of the motor control and also allows operation with other motor systems (both bipolar and unipolar) in addition to the one supplied.

The system is fully ASCOM compatible.

This kit is designed to fit the 2.5" and 3" ZTA focusers used on APM scopes. The same focuser can also be found on some Tecnosky and TS branded telescopes.

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