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Losmandy G11 SPDV Universal Clamp

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The Losmandy G11 SPVD Universal Saddle plate is probably the best 8" universal saddle available and excellent value. It features a split clamping arrangement both of which are self centering. Usually, clamps with two locking screws have no centering and so it is very easy to tighted the clamp skewed. This means that although it feels tight, only a very small section of the clamp is gripping the dovetail and a slight loosening results in a total loss of grip. This is not possible with a true Losmandy saddle. Each half grips along its entire length ensuring your telescope is held safely and is very secure.

The Clamp features two sets of mounting holes. One set is spaced at 35mm for use with most third party mounts. This has hole which can be used with M6-M8 bolts. The second set it spaced at 3".

Dimensions of clamp are 25mm x 100mm x 200mm. Weight 0.8kg

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