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Gemini 350mm Snap-Cap with 320mm Flat Field

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The Snap-Cap is an invaluable accessory for use in an observatory where the telescope is to be left unattended. The Snap-Cap serves as both a motorised dew cap shield, essential for keeping dust of optics when the telescope is unused, and also a flat field. In remote applications there is a need to take flat fields and update them over time. Ideally the flat field covers the front of the OTA, but how are you to do this remotely? The answer is Snap-Cap. In addition to protecting the telescope it also provides a flat field!



The Snap-Cap mounts to your telescopes tube or dew shield via a metal support which is held in place via a non-marking steel strap. The Snap-Cap is then supplied with an Arduino based controller for controlling its operation. This allows control via USB or Bluetooth. The supplied cable connects to the Snap-Cap motor and also the Invertor for the flat field, providing it with power. The SNap-Cap is powered with 12V DC. No more than 2A is required even for the largest panel with the motor running simultaneuosly.

The supplied software is ASCOM compliant and the Snap-Cap has native support in Sequence Generator Pro (SGP). The flat field can be adjusted for brightness so no ND filters are required.

The Snap-Cap cover is constructed from Carbon Fibre. This can be offered in custom sizes for an additional £15 surcharge. Please contact us for details. NOTE: While the cover can be made in a custom size, the size of the flat panel is fixed!

As standard the Snap-Cap with 320mm Flat Panel has a diameter of 350mm

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