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Gemini MoFoD Professional Fork Mount 80kg Load

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The Gemini MOFOD MkIII Fork Mount is the ideal solution for demanding astronomy applications (public, school, society or professional observatories). The Gemini Telescope Modular Fork Design allows changing the OTA by sliding the fork arms in or out. MOFOD Fork Mount is the most stable observatory class mount with remote control




The Gemini Fork Mount Design has the following adavntages compared to tradition Equatorial Platforms;


- No counterweights are needed. The smaller inertia of the mount thus allows it to slew faster.

- No Meridian flip is needed, saving imaging time, guiding recalibration or flipping of images

- No collision with the pier is possible.


Previously fork mount designs were not as flexible to changing an OTA as an EQ mount due to the fixed width between the fork arms. With the Gemini Telescope MoFoD, changing the OTA is made simple by having fork arms which are adjustable for spacing. The design supports any compact telescope that is between 340mm to 680mm wide.

What is the Modular Fork Design (MoFoD)?

The Gemini Telescope MoFoD is easily seperated into four parts. The RV base, the horizontal tube and the two main fork arms. The orthagonality of the main axis are adjustable ensuring optimum pointing precision.

Despite its size, the MoFoD can be setup in approximatley 1 hour using just a set of allen keys!


Technical Information


The mount sits on a robust RA Head that sits within an aluminium casting which supports two large tapered roller bearings. The shaft diameter is 140mm. The mounts drive system uses Gemini Telescopes well proven friction drive system which results in very low PE, zero backlash and dependable operation. The friction drive is protected by safety clutches on both axis.

To ensure the most reliable pointing in remote applications, the MoFoD is fitted with high precision absolute encoders on each axis. Each of the stepper motors has a precision of 0.1 arc second.

Although a fork requires no counterweight. The MoFoD can be fitted with an option 1kg weight inside the horizontal fork arm for fine tuning of difficult loads for optimum performance.

Payload capacity of the MoFoD is 80kg

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