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Field Flattener for Tecnosky 60mm Refractor

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This combined Flattener and Field Corrector is designed specifically for use with the Tecnosky 60 F6. It is also compatible with the TS Photoline 60mm F6 and Altair 60mm EDF which are identical telescopes.

The flattener is compatible with full frame DSLR sensors and has a corrected field of 41mm (Note that a slight lack of correction in the corners of full frame sensors is possible as these require 44mm of correction).

The flattener connects to the telescope via a male M54 x 0.75 thread. This is after unscrewing the visual back that is supplied as standard with the telescope. In its place a collar is fitted to which the flattener itself is then attached. This collar allows the camera to be rotated 360° for optimal framing of the subject.

The camera side of the flattener also features a standard M48 thread. The design backfocus with the Tecnosky 60mm F6 from the M48 thread is 55mm. This simplicity means that by simply attaching an M48 mount adaptor to the flattener, you DSLR is automatically placed at the correct distance for imaging.

Internally the corrector and its baffle are matt black, optimising contrast for the best possible images.


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Tecnosky 60mm F6 FPL-53 Doublet APO - 2" Focuser Tecnosky 60mm F6 FPL-53 Doublet APO - 2" Focuser
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