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Astrograph Field Pier

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The Astrograph Field Pier has been designed to provide users an ultra stable platform comparable to a fixed pier, but that is mobile without taking up excessive space. The standard version features a 1000mm central column that accepts standard EMC Mount Adapters. If an EMC Mount Adapter is not listed then contact us and it can be added to the range.

We introduced the Field Pier due to the lack of suitable high stability supports that are truly mobile. Many alternatives out there are either very heavy or physically not practical from a transport perspective. There are then those tripods that distort and twist under even moderate loads. Ideally we wanted a Tripod based system that could be easily transported yet was as strong as a fixed pier. We believe we have acheived this with the Astrograph Field Pier. Its weight, excluding mount adapter is a modest 23kg. Not light but manageable. It takes up no more space than conventional heavy duty tripods yet is far more stable. If you wanted to reduce its weight then the pier column can be removed.

The Field Pier can accept loads in excess of 160kg with ease and will remain stable even with off centre loading. Additional accessories are available for the Field Pier that allow trays, eyepieces and other items to be mounted onto the pier column or legs.

The design allows for the central column to be raised and lowered to provide more clearance for different loads when observing or imaging. Different length columns are available to increase overall height and clearance from the tripod legs by up to 400mm.

If you have a high performance mount and telescope that you want to take to different locations and work at its best, the Astrograph Field Pier is the ideal solution.

Mount adapters for the Field Pier are available at extra cost. Please contact us with your model requirements.

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