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Holidays at E-Eye

We are now able to offer short holidays / astro breaks in conjunction with our remote hosting partner E-Eye (Entre Encinas y Estrellas).

E-Eye is set in a rural area about 1hour 30 min NW of Seville near the local town of Freganel De La Sierra. The site offers up to 250 clear nights per year and is 600mm above sea level. As a remote hosting facility, E-Eye is probably one of the best in the world. But it is also in a fantastic part of the world.

E-Eye itself sits within an area known for its wildlife. Indeed Entre Encinas y Estrellas means 'between the Oaks and Stars' referring to the fields full of Holm Oaks that populate the area. These Oaks are also responsible for another attraction in the area, the local produce. The area has a reputation for its cured meat products. Farm pigs in the area find the copious amounts of acorns lying around irresistible, which gives the meat a unique flavour.

The local town of Fregenal De La Sierra is unspolit by development and is very much traditional Spain and full of character. See the video below.


To make you trip simple and worry free, we advise on the various flight options. Depending on the time of year, flight times vary and so while it is easy to fly into the local airport Seville, it is also an option to fly into others such as Lisbon in Portugal. Infact Fregenal is only a short drive from the Portuguese border and coast which offers other options for exploring the local area.

Once at E-Eye you are free to do as you please, whether this be exploring the local area on your own or just relaxing by the pool. However we recommend our all inclusive itinerary. This includes all meals and guided tours of the local area. You then get to sample all those hidden gems that only the locals know about!

Your accomodation at E-Eye is first class. There are 3 self catering houses onsite which are appointed to the highest standard. These have different capacities and are rented as a complete house on a per night basis.

While at E-Eye, you will be given a tour of the facility and be able to experience the fantastic sky at night. E-Eye is a registered Dark Sky area and its SQM is almost 22. You would be well advised to take a small scope etc to make the most of it. Needless to say we can also offer a tour of the sky by telescope at night and also solar viewing by day.

Total costs for staying at E-Eye will vary according to the time of year, however basic costs are as follows;

Flights - Several airlines operate to the area. For normal tickets that include 20-23kg of hold luggage you should budget for £250-£400 per person. Cheaper flights are available but these omit luggage etc and so are often misleading.

Car Hire - Normally for a Friday - Sunday stay, car hire ranges from £60-£120 depending on the vehicle and time of year.

Accomodation - The 3 houses at E-Eye are different sizes and cost 160, 180 and 200 Euro per night inc Spanish tax. The two larger properties have 1 x Double Bedroom, 1 x Twin Bedroom with ensuites and also a Sofa Bed. This allows various occupancy permutations. A groups of 5 for instance could in theory accomodate 1 house and 1 car making the overall cost quite low.

All inclusive itinerary - This can be tailored to individual requirements but would normally add around 75 Euro per person per day. In addition to tours we can also provide talks / workshops using E-Eye's onsite classroom in the event of poor weather.

Please contact us for more details.


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