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EMC P200 Professional Pier 1400mm

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The EMC observatory pier system P200 is designed using a pyramid shape for uncompromising high load carrying capacity. The top of the pyramid has a cross section corresponding to that of a circular tube of 200mm diameter, hence the 'P200' name. At the base, where the active forces are greatest, the diameter grows to 400mm (over a 1000mm pier). The stiffness follows the third power of the diameter. The increase in diameter to 400mm is thus, for example superior to a steel pipe of a 180mm diameter and 10mm wall thickness by a factor of 3 or 4!


The drawing below shows the height-adjustable pyramid head; it forms the transition from the welded pyramid on the precision machined surface for receiving the telescope mount. The pyramid head is completely made of stainless steel, the head plate with 220 mm diameter is machined flat. The hole pattern is not final and is subject to the future needs. Here individual wishes are always feasible. It is also possible to mount a custom mount adapter directly to the pier.


An opening near the bottom allows access to the inner floor bolts


The observatory pier system P200 is comprised of two assemblies, the 'pyramid' and the 'pyramid head'. The diagram on the right shows how different heights are generated. The top of the pier is always the same size, with a constant angle and extended cross section towards the base until the desired height is reached. The base of the pyramid behaves linearly to the column height and is ideally suited to the demands of static piers. Any stationary column reaches its theoretical rigidity only with ideal floor anchoring. This fact is rarely given the necessary attention. The pyramid shape, with its large surface area at the base and bespoke anchoring kit provide the optimal solution to this problem. The pyramid is made of 4mm thick steel and powder coated white. Construction and finish will provide many years of corrosion resistance in even the harshest observatory enviroment.


Anchoring Kit 1 for existing concrete surfaces Delivery as shown on the right. Comprising heavy duty M12 anchors and associated parts for a simple and optima fitting


Anchoring Kit 2 when newly concreted Two ring plates set during concreting with the threaded rods providing a particularly good anchorage to the ground. After curing the pier is simply attached to the anchor ensuring ideal power transmission. Each column height requires a dedicated anchoring kit.


The P200 Static Pier system is also available in a range of hieghts including custom options. The price of the pier excludes the cost of the mount adapter plate.. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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