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Crux 140 Traveller Harmonic Gear Mount - up to 13kg Imaging Capacity

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The Crux 140 Traveller from Hobym Observatory is a game changer in the world of portable astronomy. It weighs only 3.1kg, stands a mere 240mm high (in Alt-Az mode), yet has a capacity of up to 13kg!!** The 140 Traveller is not just a super compact EQ mount, it can also be used in Alt-Azimuth mode making setup and use much faster if you just want to observe as no polar alignment is necessary. In addition, the controller provides a landscape / pan function for use with terrestrial photography.

All Crux mounts feature Harmonic Drive / Strain Wave Gear Motors. This tecnology gives Crux mounts the following advantages over other mounts with convention gear, belt and friction based drive systems;

- There is zero backlash in a harmonic gear so pointing and guiding can be very accurate

- Very high torque. This means that Crux mounts are suitable for use with all types of telescopes from short SCT's to long, nose heavy refractors. The torque removes the need for counterweights and means the load capacity is the true capacity for observing and imaging.

- The motor technology is very compact and thus allows for mounts with a very small form factor

- Harmonic Gear / Strain Wave Motors are very responsive and therefore react instantly to guiding commands. There is also none of the high frequency oscillation that is typically associated with traditional drive systems. When combined with zero backlash this results in very accurate tracking.

- The high torque of the motor allows use without a counterweight as this is not needed to balance the drive system. As such the Crux 140 Traveller can be used with loads up to 8kg without a counterweight. By adding a small 2kg weight increased capacity of up to 15kg is available. Eitherway travelling with the Crux 140 does not require you to take additional or excessive weights with you just to allow your system to operate.

A video provided by Harmonic Drive AG shown below best demonstrates the concept of this type of drive system




Included with the Crux 140 Traveller is the Titan TCS Controller. This is a powerful mount controller allowing you to interface with the mount physically via the display screen and simple cursor controls, or via a PC using USB, Bluetooth or WiFi*. Naturally the control supports control via a proprietry ASCOM driver. There is also now support for INDI. *WiFi control is selected via the firmware update process. Wireless function is dedicated to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Both are not available for selection simultaneously.

A significant feature of the Titan TCS and Crux Mounts is the PEC (Periodic Error Correction) Training function. Harmonic Gear / Strain Wave Gear mounts have high periodic error unless corrected. To combat this with a Crux mount, you simply set the mount up and guide. At the same time you then ask the Titan TCS to run the PEC Training function. When complete the TCS will confirm this and PEC will run from then on. In the case of the Crux 140, this provides a basic PE of +/- 5 arc sec. Very low for a standard mount. When combined with guiding you can expect the resulting error to be sub arc second thanks to the smooth responsive nature of the motor technology.

As standard we can offer to pre-train all Crux mounts we supply allowing you to enjoy the benefits of mount straight out of the box. If you require this service it can be offered for a small extra fee of £50.00

As part of the Crux 140 Travellers well thought out design, it also includes a mounting point for a QHY Polemaster that is central to the RA axis (see the image above). This allows for simple polar alignment. The DEC head of the mount provides both M6 and M8 threaded mounting points at 35mm spacing for use with a wide variety of saddle clamps depending on your requirements. (note a Saddle Clamp is not proivded as standard). The base of the mount features a simple M10 / 3/8" thread allowing it to be used with a conventional tripod.

As standard we include a 2kg Stainless Steel Counterweight and CW Shaft. Please note that this is an optional extra outside of the UK.

In addition to operation as an EQ Mount for imaging, the Crux 140 Traveller can also be used in Alt-Azimuth mode for both telescopes and binoculars. This allows you to set the mount up for observaing very quickly as no polar alignment is needed.

** The payload capacity is calculated at a position 5cm from the DEC axis. Payload capacity is reduced the further from the DEC axis the centre of mass is located.

As the Crux 140 offers superb travelling capability, we recommend it is partnered with the Ibis Monolith Carbon Tripod.

General Specifications

Type German Equatorial / Alt-Azimuth
Azimuth Adjustment Range +/- 15°
Altitude Adjustment Range 0 to 90°
Weight (excl counterweight) 3.1kg
Optional Counterweight 2.0kg
Max Load (No Counterweight) 8.0kg (5cm from DEC Axis)
Max Load (with 3.0kg Weight) 13.0kg (5cm from DEC Axis)
Power Source 12VDC
Telescope Mounting Format  M8 or M6 35mm Spacing
Polar Alignment Support Polemaster Mounting
Protection Soft Case Included
Dimensions 240mm x 110mm x 96mm (in Alt-Az)
Backlash Zero
PE Error after PEC Training +/- 5 arc sec
High Speed Slewing x800
Titan TCS Controller  
Size 83x87x36mm
Input Power 12VDC
Protocol LX200
Database NGC,IC,Messier, Planet 12000+ Object
Power Consumption (Tracking) 12V 0.3-0.5A
Power Consumption (Max Slew) 12V 1.5-2.0A
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth or WiFi via FIrmware Selection
Interface RS232 / USB / ST4 Guide

























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