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Baader Planetarium Solar Film ND3.8 1M Photo use only

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AstroSolar ND3.8



Baader Planetarium AstroSolar safety film is a specially manufactured streak and blister free foil. It attains the optical performance of planeparallel glass filters. The base material is not "Mylar"!. The basic development of this film was made in laboratories for nuclear- and particle physics.


High density coatings on both sides of the foil ensures a highly uniform filtering, while neutralizing the occasional miscroscopic holes in the coating. The image of the sun is extremely contrasty and of almost neutral colour.


The coating of the foil is subject to constant quality control. Its reflective property of over 99.999% has been tested by a German Republic bureau of standards and conformity with EU norm 89/686 is certified with the CE-symbol.

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