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AZ5 Alt-Azimuth Mount with Slow Motion

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The AZ5 is an excellent value Alt-Azimuth mount including tripod for telescope and binocular systems up to 8kg in weight. The complete head weighs only 6kg itself so can be transported quite easily.

The mount features an integrated clamp for Vixen GP style dovetails. The upright Altitude section of the mount can be re-positioned from its vertical position to one of several different inclined positions. This allows telescopes to be positioned in such a way that permits viewing of the zenith. In the normal upright position the mount is ideal for use with spotting scopes or other types for terrestrial viewing.

Both axis of the mount feature slow motion controls on flexible handles, allowing fine position adjustment without taking your eye away from the subject.

A further feature of the mount is the ability to add encoders to convert the mount into a Push-To system with the Astro Devices Twilight kit. In addition to this you will need to add either the Nexus II or Nexus DSC digital setting circles.

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