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Astronomik 2" L2 UV/IR Cut Filter

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UV and IR Cut Filter for digital photography.

The Astronomik UV-IR Blocker lets the full range of sensitivity of the human eye (according to DIN 5031) pass, and blocks all other parts of the spectrum in the UV and IR. The Astronomik UV-IR Blocker is the ideal choice as a luminance filter for any kind of digital photography. Because of the perfect blocking of UV and IR all optical problems in these parts of the spectrum are avoided. The filter is optimized for systems with focal ratios between f/0.5 and f/50.

The typical transmission is higher than 99%.

Main Uses

The UV-IR Blocker gives you a perfect parfocal filter for the luminance channel when combined with other Astronomik filters. It is also great as a dust protection for your telescope and camera.

A UV/IR cut filter may also be used as a cost effective solar ERF (Energy Rejection Filter) for use with refractor telescopes up to 150mm. When placed before the Etalon the UV/IR cut reflects back ot of the telescope the harmful wavelengths that would otherwise damage the Etalon.



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