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ASA H400 F2.4 Telescope System


Ideal for astronomical widefield imaging, offering fast, high resolution wide field pictures of the night sky. This fact made the hyperbolic ASA telescope of choice for the professional project Super Wasp II, a program searching for EXO-planets, which is supported by eight universities, including the Universities of Geneva, Leicester, Queens Belfast, Warwick and the German Space Agency DLR at Berlin. The H400 has also been chosen for satellite tracking given its wide field and extremely high resolution.

Optical design Hyperbolic Astrograph
Focal ratio f2.4
Focuser AAF5 auto-focuser
Central obstruction 45%
Back focus 109.56mm
Image Circle 70mm / (4.2°)
Primary Mirror ≥400mm f3
Tracking precision with ASA mount <0,25” RMS within 5 minutes tracking time (for altitude 20° to 85°; without seeing effects and with a pointing model in use) over 5 min 0,05” RMS/min
Pointing precision with ASA mount <8” RMS with pointing model (for altitude 20° to 85°)
Optional Equipment Motorised Cover


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