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ASA AAF3 3" Focuser with Absolute Encoder

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The ASA AAF3 manufactured to ASA's typically high standards in aluminium and carbon fibre. It weighs an extremely low 2kg yet has a high 9kg capacity and 30mm of travel.

Internally the focuser uses a stepper motor combined with a high resolution magnetic absolute encoder. This allows it to measure the focuser position directly on the inner focuser tube. The focuser also features an internal temperature sensor.

The focuser is intended to be used with a variety of adapters for attachment to the telescope and fitting cameras. Please contact us details of the options available.

Size 73.5mm / 3"
Drive Rack and Stepper Motor
Housing CNC Aluminium and Carbon Fibre
Payload 9kg / 20lbs
Voltage 12V
Drawtube Travel 30mm
Weight 2kg
Software ASA ACC

Included with the focuser is a 2" Adapter, 12V/1.5A Mains PSU, 4m Connection Cable, 1.8m USB Cable, ASA ACC Software

The manual for the focuser can be viewed HERE

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