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APM MaxLoad Heavy Duty Alt-Az

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The APM MaxLoad is a super high capacity manual Alt-Azimuth mount for visual observers.

It features a 180mm Azimuth axis that glides on Teflon and is pre-loaded by a 45mm axial needle bearing. It is super smooth. The Azimuth axis is 50mm in diameter with its central stainless steel core supported by twin 50mm axial needle bearings. The overall weight of the main Alt-Az assembley is 8.5kg

At one end of the Azimuth shaft is a mounting for a saddle clamp using the classic 35mm spacing format. The other end features a mounting point for the 30mm diameter, 277mm long counterweight shaft which weighs 1.6kg on its own.

With appropriate counterweights, the maximum capacity of the MaxLoad is difficult to estimate. We have used it with a 10" Apochromat and we know the design has been used successfully with a 15kg, 18" Cassegrain. Typically the Maxload if used with reflectors in the 14" class and refractors in the 7-8" class.

The base of the MaxLoad is provided with a 3/8" thread as standard to fit standard tripods. As a custom option, it can be made to fit a specific mounting format.

The MaxLoad is supplied as the basic Alt-Az Mount together with the counterweight shaft. The Saddle Clamp is extra as are weights suitable for a 30mm shaft.

Each Maxload is handbuilt and offers superb fit and finish quality.


Product Note Status Price
Compact 16cm Losmandy Clamp Compact 16cm Losmandy Clamp
£85.00 *
Compact 8cm Losmandy Clamp Compact 8cm Losmandy Clamp
£55.00 *
Losmandy G11 SPDV Universal Clamp Losmandy G11 SPDV Universal Clamp
£189.00 *
Losmandy GM8 SPDV Universal Clamp Losmandy GM8 SPDV Universal Clamp
£75.00 *
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