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APM 11x70 ED APO Binoculars

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Good 11 x 70 binoculars can be the amateur astronomers best friend. Just go out and look for the next comet in the sky. Or sit in the garden and browse the Milky Way and discover distant galaxies or star clusters. These binoculars also offer bright, high contrast and very sharp views during the day. This large binocular with the oversized 70 mm optics is a pleasure for nature use and field sports. Unlike some telescopes, the 11 x 70 binoculars are transportable and easy to carry on trips without a tripod.


As you would expect of APM, these binoculars have superb optics. It does not matter how beautiful a binocular looks or how much it costs, if the optics do not show a clear, sharp and view of the world that is free of false colour then nothing you look at will be enjoyed.  APM binoculars use high-quality ED glass (FK61) and BAK-4 prisms for high contrast and crisp images across the entire field of view. Special remuneration on all optical surfaces further enhances the image quality and ensures life-rich colors.

IPX-7 Waterproofing

The international elektrotechnisiche commission (IEC) classifies the degree of protection against water. The APM ED APO 11 x 70 binoculars is classed as offering IPX-7 protection, which means it will resist 30 min in  up to 1m depth of water. We hope such misfortune willnever occur, but if it does you will have comfort knowing your APM binoculars will be protected. This protection also ensures that the binoculars can be safely used in rain and splashed with water.

Solid lightweight body with excellent handling

APM Binoculars have a magnesium chassis, the lightest of metals. Magnesium is known for its strength and its resistance to corrosion. The binocular body is also covered with a rubber coating, protecting the binoculars further and allows for a secure non-slip grip.

Focus is adjusted by individually focusing each eyepiece. We feel this arrangement is better than the traditional single focuser with a diopter adjustment for one eye.

A tripod adapter (supplied) can be attached to the front of the bridge which is covered with a metal cap. In order to get to the connector, you only have to unscrew the cap and attach the adapter allowing for convenient attachment to a tripod.

Large pupil distance

The APM ED APO 11 x 70 Magnesium binoculars have a very comfortable pupil distance of 20 mm. The term pupillary distance explains where you have to place your eye in order to survey the entire facial field. The smaller this distance, the closer you have to bring your eye to the eyepiece. If you wear glasses and watch with them, this distance becomes very important. Since APM binoculars have a large pupil distance, if you want to watch with a pair of spectacles, you only have to fold the rubber eyecups. For normal observation without glasses the eyecups remain unfolded.

Additional accessories

All APM magnesium binoculars are supplied with a swivel adapter, a Cordura carrying case, neck strap, lens caps and eyepiece caps.







5 Lenses in 4 groups

Prism Type

Porro Prisms BAK 4


Eyepiece Helical

Exit Pupil



1/4" Screw Thread with Tripod Adapter

Gas Type

Nitrogen Filled












Aluminium Magnesium Alloy


IPX-7 Rated

Diopter Compensation

+/- 6

Pupillary Distance


Field of view at 1000yds


Cose focusing distance





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