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AiryLab Solar Scintillation Monitor

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Airylab’s Solar Scintillation Monitor (SSM) is the first daylight seeing analysis system for the amateur solar observer.

This device allows you to determine instantaneously the seeing value in ArcSec at your specific location by daylight for solar observation and imaging. The SSM has been designed for three main applications:

1 - To help you find the best observation site for solar visual observation and imaging. The small form factor makes it very easy to take to potential locations for a quick survey.

2 - Determine the best seeing time for your observation location. Used with its data acquisition software, you can collect data over the day to see the general seeing evolution over time

3 - Directly command image acquisition when used with the AiryLab Genika Astro capture software or via a plug in using FireCapture. In this case, Genika Astro connects to the SSM directly and triggers acquisition from the camera when the seeing goes below a predefined value.

The latest SSM is a very compact unit with an integrated sensor. It includes a small tab to allow for mounting on to the OTA and allow the sensor to be put in a location where it is not subject to reflections from the tube or other surfaces.

It is powered via its USB connection and is otherwise fully automatic in operation.

All software is provided by download.

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