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Astronomik 2" Deep Sky RGB Filter Set

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Astronomik has added a new range of RGB filters to its line of World class products. The new Deep-Sky RGB filters are designed for maximum deep sky imaging performance with CCD cameras. Using Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters will benefit your imaging and will provide you with the highest-quality data for amazing images with unsurpassed sharpness, contrast and vivid colors.

Some key features of the new filters are

- Maximum transmission of up to 95%

- Ultra-Sharp, pinpoint star images

- High contrast easy to process data for vivid colours in the final image

- Optimized spectral windows for max photon counts on the sensor made on finest, opticaly polished glass

- Extremly durable, scratch resistant coating

- MFR Coating technique for a wide range of focal ratios

The new Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters are the result of a long and detailed process of research and development. They have created the most advanced set of RGB filters for Deep-Sky imaging available today. The transmission curves of the three filters are designed to give you strong and vivid colors with a strong reinforcement of the most important emission lines. Data taken with the new Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters is easier to process into a beautifull final masterpiece. Feedback from test-users reported smaller, sharper stars which was one of our design goals, so these filters will give you the best contrast and the smallest stars possible!

During the design of the Deep-Sky RGB filters Astronomik took a close look at the sensitivity curves of today’s popular CCD cameras. The result was they found a way to make one set of filters for all kind of sensors ranging from KAF- and KAI-sensors, to the chips made by Sony etc, meaning you can do 1:1:1 ratio RGB exposures with all sensors, with only minimal tweaking necessary during processing to achieve perfect colours in your image!

The transmission curve characteristics and coatings on the new Deep Sky RGB filters have been designed and engineered in such a way that no halos or reflections will be visible. Even with bright stars in the field of view you will be able to reveal the faintest structures in nebulas or galaxies Additional to the Deep-Sky RGB filters Astronomik now offers three different Luminance filters. The different spectral window of each new Luminance filters is designed to tune your setup to get the sharpest image from any optical design and any camera, even with instruments with less-than-perfect colour correction. (Link einfügen) Like all Astronomik Filters, the new Deep-Sky RGB filters are made using an extremely durable and scratch resistant coating, deposited on the finest polished optical substrate, which is free of any striae or internal strains. All substrates are made to exactly the same thickness, so all of our filters are parfocal.



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