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Astronomik Pro Planet 742 1.25"

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Ideal filters for the imaging of the moon and planets, notably Mars for use as a luminance channel, with telescopes from 6" (150mm) aperture. The ProPlanet IR 742 only allows infrared light with wavelengths of more than 742 nm to pass. In this wavelength range the effects of seeing are significantly lower than in the visible spectrum of the human eye. This allows much sharper images than are usually possible. Another advantage is that the sky background is darker and so the filter even allows photography of the planets and the moon in twilight conditions.

The main use The Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742 is for enhancement of planetary images through countering the effects of seeing. This allows sharp luminance channels to be captured which when added to an RGB capture will result in a much better contrasted final image.

Other sizes of the filter allow you to get stunning results in nature photography. If an EOS-Clip Filter is used in an MC modified DSLR you get tremendous results imaging flora. The filter cuts off the part of the spectrum where Chlorophyll looks green and shows its high reflectivety in the near infrared. If trees are photographed in spring and summer under blue skies you get stunning images with white trees and clouds in front of a near black background as it darkens the background during twilight. Imaging of bright planets, stars and comets by day. Imaging of young stars in dust clouds and stellar nurseries.


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